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Posted by Yachtspotter | 05/07/2010 @ 09:20 | Reply
Indeed, but I don't think so. To come back to Jacques, if the last one is a A (like a triangular form), then I have the feeling to see three ones in this name...
Posted by Philipp | 05/07/2010 @ 09:00 | Reply
...did someone notice that Tatoosh is NOW for sale?? Project Crystal looks for me like the successor.
Posted by Jacques | 05/03/2010 @ 21:10 | Reply
First letter looks like a O or C, and last one a
Posted by M.F. | 05/03/2010 @ 00:15 | Reply

Picture of the nameplate.
Posted by M.F. | 05/01/2010 @ 12:35 | Reply
Here is one picture of Radiant a day before her departure :
Posted by Jacques | 05/01/2010 @ 12:30 | Reply
Good to see activity again! Letters are badly hidden. Is it possible to see the name more closely please?
Posted by Yachtspotter | 04/30/2010 @ 22:15 | Reply
Thanks a lot M.F., the first pictures of this new Lürssen. Without doubt, this is the 124m project Crystal, due for a delivery this year.
Posted by M.F. | 04/30/2010 @ 22:10 | Reply

The name plate is quite short and the name itself seems to be very short maybe four letters and to begin with an O or C and end with an A or M or similar letter. The superstructure is white - what looks grey is the protective foil - in the aft the windows have black surroundings too. The draft is 5,60 m at the bow and 5,50 m aft - after the waterline marking.
Posted by M.F. | 04/30/2010 @ 22:05 | Reply

...Davits again Tatoosh, bathing platform Octopus and for that together with Al Said the same structure for the biminis. The nock looks stylish and is not typical for a designer normally working with Lürssen.
Posted by M.F. | 04/30/2010 @ 22:00 | Reply

New launch at Lürssen. Looking closely, shows some style elements from other yachts. Mainly Tatoosh - from the colour and form - big front, smaller back. Funnels are Al Said style, heli landing Ronin or Sea Bowld - just the structure.
Posted by Carl G. | 12/10/2009 @ 16:05 | Reply

Preview of the project Firebird (hull 13660), launched today at Lürssen Kröger Werft, delivery in 2011.
Posted by Tony | 12/09/2009 @ 09:05 | Reply

Northern Star is now delivered. I took a couple of photographs of the new yacht that arrived at Falmouth on 30 November.
Posted by Carl G. | 08/27/2009 @ 23:00 | Reply
The newly launched Northern Star is doing sea trials in the Baltic. See :
Posted by M.F. | 05/31/2009 @ 21:00 | Reply

Here is a picture of Arkley during her launch yesterday. Moment of touchdown at 17:17 local time. She was towed to the Lemwerder facility for outfitting. And a new picture for her card. It can't be seen on it, but her engine worked fine at this moment, so the tugs where there just to attendance :
Posted by Yachtspotter | 05/21/2009 @ 10:05 | Reply
She's one of the Katie Sue projects, and she's the sister of Linda Lou.
Here is her card :
Posted by M.F. | 05/21/2009 @ 10:00 | Reply

Attached is a picture of the Lürssen Arkley. I think she came out on Tuesday - picture is from Wednesday evening.
Posted by Johan | 05/11/2009 @ 14:00 | Reply
There is a news item on Vive la Vie in the latest issue of the SuperYachtWorld, it is readable on line at (page 19). SYW promises to have a full report on her in the next issue. There are more photos of her interior at the website of the interior designers, Art-Line: (click the icon at the bottom left). The interior looks really cool!
Posted by Fatboy | 05/05/2009 @ 20:01 | Reply

Another one...
Posted by Fatboy | 05/05/2009 @ 20:00 | Reply

I've made some aerial photos of Darius.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 04/28/2009 @ 09:15 | Reply

Thank you MF for these news and pictures. Here is another one from you. The variation of the design is interesting with an enclosed upper deck, and some side balconies at the owner suite level.
Posted by M.F. | 04/28/2009 @ 09:10 | Reply
I heard a sad rumour about the future of Kalamoun and/or Destriero or both. One of the two was sold for scrap. My informant told me that the one sold for scrap has been already demolished at the yard. This would mean - as Destriero is still in the water - Kalamoun was broken up. This sounds unbelievable, because she seamed in a better condition as Destriero. Further he told me, that the future function of the one which should be refitted is a museum. This indeed sounds like Destriero. Can anyone confirm or dement this news?
Posted by M.F. | 04/27/2009 @ 23:30 | Reply

Darius was launched today. Al Salamah will go in the dock now for painting and maintenance.
Posted by M.F. | 04/27/2009 @ 09:00 | Reply

Update on Darius and Destriero.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 03/07/2009 @ 12:40 | Reply
We can imagine a classic refit for Kalamoun (and this is Kalamoun, no doubt about that. But the yacht was lengthened in 1986, this could be the reason you don't recognize her). The question is for Destriero, refit or conversion, I have no idea for the moment. Why not at Devonport... and why also!?
Posted by Philipp | 03/07/2009 @ 12:35 | Reply
There are some main questions :
1. What does the future will look like for these two yachts?
2. A conversion (Destiero) or cost intensive refit?
3. Why not at Devonport?
4. Is this Kalamoun? There was a Lürssen build yacht (Gilengast Design) between the A&R Kalamoun and Shergar - I believe it is moreover this yacht (- and sure I know we where ever talking about this yacht as Kalamoun)
Posted by Fatboy | 03/05/2009 @ 23:00 | Reply
Kalamoun and Destriero were brought there in a dockship. Destriero looks like it could sink every second. You can see every year these ships were lying side by side in Plymouth. What a shame... If you're interested: You can see them in every picture on Google Earth from 2001 to 2007 near this spot: 50°22'51.27"N, 4°11'4.99"W
Posted by Jacques | 03/05/2009 @ 22:30 | Reply
I'm curious to know if they were shipped from UK to Germany, or if they can still cruise by themself...?
Posted by Yachtspotter | 03/05/2009 @ 17:15 | Reply
Very good news. Both are very interesting yachts, and it was sad to see them in this poor condition.
Posted by M.F. | 03/05/2009 @ 17:10 | Reply

And Destriero lying in front of the Lürssen Lemwerder facility. They are here for major refit. Look at the hull condition of Destriero!
Posted by M.F. | 03/05/2009 @ 17:05 | Reply

Kalamoun lying in front of the Lürssen Lemwerder facility.
Posted by M.F. | 03/05/2009 @ 17:00 | Reply

The next Lürssen Bardenfleet yacht got the superstructure few days ago.
Posted by Carl G. | 02/27/2009 @ 09:00 | Reply

Preview of the 84.3m project J24 (hull 13659). Delivery in 2010.
Posted by Carl G. | 11/25/2008 @ 18:00 | Reply
Madsummer left the Rendsburg yard yesterday, on the way to Gibraltar.
Posted by Carl G. | 10/09/2008 @ 12:40 | Reply

Another picture...
Posted by Carl G. | 10/09/2008 @ 12:35 | Reply

Another picture...
Posted by Carl G. | 10/09/2008 @ 12:30 | Reply

Madsummer is under sea trials in Baltic. She is at the Marine Arsenal in Kiel since yesterday.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 10/07/2008 @ 23:05 | Reply
Yes I agree. She seems to be the future Darius...
Posted by Johan | 10/07/2008 @ 23:00 | Reply
It looks like a sistership to Dilbar. There is another 110 meter project under way at Lürssen with the project name Darius, it would be no surprise if it is a sistership to Dilbar.
Posted by Leveller | 10/03/2008 @ 23:45 | Reply

And the more interesting. It is possible to see in the floating shed with what I would guess is not Project Chrystal (this yacht looks too small for 124 m)...
Posted by Leveller | 10/03/2008 @ 23:40 | Reply

Some news of Lürssen. Coral Island is at the yard - seems she is getting a modification of her exhausts. And a casco of what should be the next Katie Sue clone (picture).
Posted by Leveller | 09/06/2008 @ 12:20 | Reply

Lürssen is building a new shed on their Lemwerder grounds.

Also four new projects :
- Flash 90 m - new design, seems to be nothing common
- Nicki 85 m
- Coco 62 m - I would guess an Espen Oeino design
- J24
Posted by Leveller | 08/22/2008 @ 13:05 | Reply

A picture of Dilbar before her departure from the shipyard. Photo by HANF.
Posted by Carl G. | 08/18/2008 @ 18:30 | Reply

Here is a picture...
Posted by Carl G. | 08/14/2008 @ 12:30 | Reply
Today Madsummer (ex Bermuda) has been launched at Lürssen Rendsburg.
Posted by Leveller | 07/20/2008 @ 19:10 | Reply

Another one...
Posted by Leveller | 07/20/2008 @ 19:05 | Reply

As promised, some pictures of Opal.
Posted by Fatboy | 07/02/2008 @ 16:47 | Reply

The yacht's name is still covered...
Posted by Fatboy | 07/02/2008 @ 16:46 | Reply

A closer look on the yacht...
Posted by Fatboy | 07/02/2008 @ 16:45 | Reply

Aerial pics of Opal at Lürssen.
Posted by Miles | 06/24/2008 @ 14:20 | Reply
Confirmed it will be called Madsummer.
Posted by Jacques | 06/17/2008 @ 14:05 | Reply
Ok, I'm curious to see that.
Another news, according to a broker website, the project Bermuda will be named Madsummer.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 06/17/2008 @ 09:35 | Reply
Yes Jacques, Leveller will send us some pictures today. He has already sent us other news : Vive la Vie is still at the yard, flying flags "which says christening was or will be..." ; and Shergar is also doing a visit.
Posted by Jacques | 06/17/2008 @ 09:30 | Reply
The Pelorus-like Opal has been launched this weekend.
Posted by Fatboy | 05/16/2008 @ 23:50 | Reply
A source told me, that Vive la Vie will depart for sea trials in the next few days.
Posted by Leveller | 05/09/2008 @ 23:00 | Reply

Here is a picture of Vive le Vie in the water.
Posted by Fatboy | 05/05/2008 @ 18:20 | Reply
Vive la Vie hit the water today. She's floating in front of the Lürssen Lemwerder yard now.
Posted by HANF | 05/03/2008 @ 12:35 | Reply

Another one...
Posted by HANF | 05/03/2008 @ 12:30 | Reply

Here are two pictures of Vive la Vie.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 04/28/2008 @ 23:00 | Reply
The yacht Vive la Vie, previously known as the project Bounty Hunter, hit the waters. Pictures soon.
Posted by Leveller | 04/10/2008 @ 12:10 | Reply

Attached is a new picture of Katie Sue.
Posted by Ola | 04/04/2008 @ 11:30 | Reply

General view.
Posted by Ola | 04/04/2008 @ 11:25 | Reply

She was on the way to the shipyards.
Posted by Ola | 04/04/2008 @ 11:20 | Reply

I got this nice picture of Al Said this morning in Gibraltar.
Posted by Fatboy | 04/01/2008 @ 11:50 | Reply
Lürssen delivered Al Said yesterday. The ship left Bremen in the morning heading for the Strait of Gibraltar.
Posted by Leveller | 03/31/2008 @ 13:10 | Reply

A picture of Al Said during night time. If you watch carefully you can see the name in blue letters. The picture is taken with my handy, so the quality is not so good.
Posted by Yachti | 03/29/2008 @ 00:50 | Reply
Since 28/03/2008 the official name of the Project Sunflower is visible. Ship Name is Al Said. Also the Flag and National Emblem of the Sultanate of Oman is visible. It seems that the ship will leave the yard in the next few days.
Posted by Leveller | 03/07/2008 @ 18:00 | Reply
Meer & Yachten has published this info under Espen Øino, not under Lürssen. The successor of Kismet is possibly a Lürssen project according to the picture. It is said that Tempete is based on a radical concept with much interior space and a clear exterior styling. The tender will be stowed in rooms not visible from the outside. She will have some similarities to Skat but the design tends absolutely more to Silver which indicates to me that Lürssen will not build her.
Posted by Philipp | 03/07/2008 @ 12:50 | Reply
According to the German Meer & Yachten, a successor of Kismet is under construction. The yacht is called Geneva and will looks like Kismet with an explorer touch. With image !! A second projet is also under way, called Tempete (75 m).
Posted by Leveller | 02/29/2008 @ 16:00 | Reply

A covered Katie Sue (with maximum zoom and against the sun).
Posted by Fatboy | 02/14/2008 @ 15:50 | Reply
I think I gotta correct this. Sunflower is at the pier, Darius in the Lemwerder facilities, Opal in the floating dock and Crystal is apparently gonna be build in the ex-Vulkan building shed. Opal has never been at SSW. The casco of Darius has been brought from SSW to Lürssen end of last year. There might be some confusion about Opal and Darius, because they look similar.
Posted by Carl G. | 02/13/2008 @ 16:05 | Reply

Martha Ann is currently under sea trials in the Baltic Sea.
Posted by Leveller | 02/13/2008 @ 16:00 | Reply
Situation of the big Lürssen projects :

- 155 m Sunflower is in the big dock on the Vegesack site (ex - Vulkan building shed) for final work
- 110 m Darius is in the Lemwerder facilities (so the lift seems big enough)
- 110 m casco of Opal is under construction at SSW in Bremerhaven
- 124 m Crystal is under construction in the swim dock at the Vegesack facility
Posted by Leveller | 02/12/2008 @ 23:00 | Reply
I have to correct this posting. In a newspaper it was said, that Lürssen Bardenfleet has work till 2011. Bounty Hunter is in the shed and the covered yacht in front of the shed is Katie Sue. So the link shows Katie Sue, she is due to delivery in 2009 :
Posted by Philipp | 12/21/2007 @ 23:30 | Reply
Meer and Yachten magazin (issue 1/08) shows a picture of the transfered hull too. The Opal project looks like Pelorus with a additional deck.
Posted by Carl G. | 12/12/2007 @ 10:30 | Reply

Another picture.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 12/11/2007 @ 11:30 | Reply

Many thanks to Carl for the news, and now the picture of Martha Ann! The dark hull is really an improvement for the line of the yacht.
Posted by Carl G. | 12/10/2007 @ 20:35 | Reply
Scoop! Today the new 70m Martha Ann (ex project Shark) was launched at Lürssen Rendsburg.
Posted by Leveller | 12/10/2007 @ 15:30 | Reply
There is a new Lürssen casco (just before painting I guess) at their yard in Lemwerder. She looks like Linda Lou, but I think she is shorter. Pictures will follow tomorrow, if she stays till that time in the water.
Posted by Johan | 11/23/2007 @ 13:55 | Reply
Sunflower can, at the moment, be seen on the AIS just off Wilhelmshaven. Her size is noted as 154 x 24 x 5,2 metres. By the way, I browsed through the German yachting magazine Boote Exclusive at the newsstand. It had a small note about Sunflower which said that she carries a crew of 200 (!) and has a concert hall large enough for a 50 person symphony orchestra. Anyone who can confirm this? It seems to be at bit staggering, but of course Sunflower is exactly not the usual kind of yacht.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 11/23/2007 @ 12:00 | Reply
Sunflower is under sea trials.
Posted by Teun | 11/22/2007 @ 15:00 | Reply
Opal and Darius are two almost identical 110m projects at Lürssen.
Posted by Leveller | 11/22/2007 @ 12:10 | Reply
The newspaper name is Weser - Kurier, edition 269 of Friday November 16, 2007.
Posted by Philipp | 11/22/2007 @ 12:05 | Reply
If they took SSW a more time it will be a fast delivery project maybe? Which magazin and when?
Posted by Yachtspotter | 11/22/2007 @ 12:00 | Reply
I think there is more than one project over 100 metres. So it's possible that there are Opal and Darius under construction at Lürssen. We will know more in the next months...
Posted by Leveller | 11/21/2007 @ 12:50 | Reply
About one week ago a 110 m casco was transferred from SSW to Lürssen Vegesack. It was in a German newspaper. A picture too, but very low quality. It has nocks like Pelorus and is not that high. The yacht's project name is Darius which is irritating me, because I thought the 110 m project is called Opal. Are there two yachts the same length under construction at Lürssen, or two project names for one yacht?
Posted by Skippy | 11/08/2007 @ 14:05 | Reply
Don't think its Scout - (december edition) BI state the keel has only just been layed.
Posted by Philipp | 11/08/2007 @ 11:05 | Reply
This is definetly Bounty Hunter. Boote Exclusiv (issue 6/2007 - p121) shows the first rendering image.
Posted by Philipp | 11/07/2007 @ 23:05 | Reply
Johan, I believe Project Island is a fourth sister of the Shark / Nemo / Marlin trio. The image shows an other yacht. Bounty Hunter maybe the right one.
Posted by Johan | 11/07/2007 @ 22:55 | Reply
The unknown project behind the wall is most likely the sister to Apoise and Saint Nicolas, "Project Island" as she is called at a broker website.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 11/07/2007 @ 22:50 | Reply
Yes I agree with you, I also think it's Northern Star. The windows/portholes are corresponding. And Scout is supposed to have an helipad...
Posted by gushl | 11/07/2007 @ 22:45 | Reply
That photos looks very much like Polar Star (ex-Northern Star)? Are you sure it isnt an old photo? Judging by the pic, it seems to actually be a photograph of a photograph (there appears to be a reflection). Strange.
Posted by Maarten | 11/07/2007 @ 22:40 | Reply
Are you sure this is a new photo? It looks to me like an old photo of Polar Star (ex Northern Star) under construction.
Posted by Max881 | 11/06/2007 @ 23:30 | Reply
I believe Scout...
Posted by Kootenay67 | 11/06/2007 @ 23:00 | Reply
This photo was uploaded on 01 Oct 2007 not sure if Oct 2007 is actual date of photo. Any idea which Lürssen this might be. The 76m Scout or 75m Newscot perhaps. Photo here :
Posted by Yachtspotter | 11/06/2007 @ 13:05 | Reply

Here is a really interesting picture. It was taken by a friend of a spotter, and the yacht wasn't the purpose of the picture. Thanks for the involuntary scoop! According to the spotter, the picture "was taken in summer at the Lürssen Bardenfleet yard (ex-Schweers) and I think it shows Bounty Hunter. No other yacht at this yard should be in this stage of the building process".
Posted by Yachtspotter | 10/02/2007 @ 17:30 | Reply
Leveller took this picture approx. one week ago. About the masts, there is nothing special. Usually the masts are added after the launch, simply because the shed are rarely rather high. About the scaffolding, we can imagine they are completing the electronic side, etc... Note also the exhausts above the main funnel.
Posted by Philipp | 10/02/2007 @ 17:00 | Reply
Leveller, is this the newest image? Did they scaffolding all three mast again? Why took Lürssen her so early out of the dock?
Posted by Leveller | 10/01/2007 @ 16:50 | Reply

She looks better in sunshine ; she is still not named.
Posted by Johan | 09/12/2007 @ 23:00 | Reply
What a disappointment! The first photos of the bow section looked promising with classic and rather shippy looks, hinting at a departure from the more usual superyacht looks, but this looks more like a ferry from the 1960s. Admittedly, the proportions are quite alright (not as bulky as some other yachts), but unlike Al Salamah her lines are not the least coherent. While Al Salamah is a not a beauty, at least her lines are coherent. The different lines of sheerline, windows, fashionplates, funnels and masts of Sunflower all point at different angles. She is all bits and pieces, her mast resemble those of Issham al Baher and Atlantis II while the vertical windows look like those on the 40 m Centium. Even Al Said has better lines (given a fairing, a new paint job and cleaning up her array of antennas, she could look quite elegant).

Even though Sunflower is built for state functions, I am sure she could have better looks if a good designer had been called in from the outset. I think we can be certain that her designer is more used to draw commercial ships rather than yachts. A bit of waste in my opinion to lavish Lürssen's excellent craftsmanship and engineering on such a non-design. Should I say anything on the positive side, it is refreshing to see another kind of thinking when it comes to design.
Posted by Mark | 09/12/2007 @ 01:15 | Reply
Well Sunflower is certainly unusual in appearance. Twin funnels and three masts give her upper decks a crowded look. I like the hull colour - something different from white. But I think the other contributors are right in that she is a State Yacht and as such her design needs to reflect this with a large number of public rooms and cabins to support the vast numbers of a Royal Court. These requirements are not going to allow a real yacht beauty. However she must look very impressive from bow on.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/11/2007 @ 19:30 | Reply
Philipp, I have also the feeling that there is no heli garage. About the cranes, it might be for smaller tenders/toys alongside the superstructure, like those on LGB for example...
Posted by Leveller | 09/11/2007 @ 19:25 | Reply
I haven't seen a heli hangar so far.
Posted by Skippy | 09/11/2007 @ 19:20 | Reply
Great scoop, my thanks to Leveller.
Posted by Philipp | 09/11/2007 @ 19:15 | Reply
Great job from Lürssen again. Some very interesting details :
- the balcony on the 3rd deck is not symetry (stearboard / harbour). On the right site he is split. The windows are not symetry too.
- the three tender boxes on each site are covered (the back maybe covered like Lady Moura - the complete 2nd deck will covered?)
- it seems like a huge heligarage with doors.
- double funnels with bow masts.
She combine some old with new details and make an unique result.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/11/2007 @ 19:10 | Reply

And the last one. I made this pictures with two smaller ones, that's why you can see some distortions.
Posted by Leveller | 09/11/2007 @ 18:30 | Reply

I think she is not that a monster as Al Salamah. She is huge, but with this colour good looking. With the military look of Al Said in mind, a more positively outcome. I would like to know what these cranes on the upper deck are for. There are two on each side.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/11/2007 @ 17:50 | Reply

Thank you very much Leveller, one more time the first pictures! Your second picture gives a good idea of her size, she's a real monster. I didn't expect this double funnel, a surprise...
Posted by Leveller | 09/11/2007 @ 17:30 | Reply

I am back right in time. I made some Sunflower pictures today.
Posted by Shipy | 09/11/2007 @ 10:00 | Reply
Hot news : Sunflower is out of the dock. Sorry, no pictures for the moment.
Posted by Leveller | 09/03/2007 @ 00:10 | Reply
I have taken some more night shots of Sunflower from another angle (photo was taken from handy cam). Here you can see the blue underwater paint. You although get an idea how big she is. If we remember the pictures of her casco last February, there has to be a helicopter platform at the stern.
Posted by Leveller | 09/02/2007 @ 20:25 | Reply
To Philipp : or she will be moved out trough the back side of the dock. In front of the dock on land you can see one of the segments that have been moved to uncover the dock. If I remember right it is the top segment of the open door section. You can see the ropes for the crane on top of it.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/02/2007 @ 18:25 | Reply
This choice of color and these arms on the bow should logically prove that the project Sunflower is the successor of Al Said. I'm curious to know her future name...
Posted by Philipp | 09/02/2007 @ 18:15 | Reply
Thanks to Leveller - Great!

Maybe the green portholes is for the green of Kingdom 5KR ? Two other interesting details : you can see some superstructure on the left site in front of the yacht. And there is a logo on the bow... By the way, Lürssen has to move the crane to bring her out of the dock.
Posted by Castlerock | 09/02/2007 @ 18:05 | Reply
It looks as if the green we are seeing is a protective coating that is applied the highly polished stainless steel line chalks.
Posted by Paul Walter | 09/02/2007 @ 18:00 | Reply
Thank you for the pictures. She seems to be built to commercial ship standards like Al Salamah or her predeccesor, Al Said.
Posted by Mark | 09/02/2007 @ 16:30 | Reply
Great photos - she does look very very interesting. We now await her full uncovering to confirm a new beauty has been born.
Posted by Leveller | 09/01/2007 @ 18:30 | Reply

I have to correct : she is not white. It is more a sandy colour like Al Said, but a bit lighter. In the foreground you can see another mast with SAT domes which is still standing on the left side of the shed. Interesting are the port holes which seems to be green, not sure if there are lights or they are coloured.
Posted by Leveller | 09/01/2007 @ 00:30 | Reply

Hot news! Sunflower will be out during the next 24 hours. Lürssen started the uncovering process of her shed. She is a beauty! Due to the bad weather and other circumstances the quality is not the best, but I think good enough to get an idea what a beautiful yacht Sunflower is. In the pictures she seems to have a pink hull, this is due to the orange light inside the shed. She's all white. Her funnel, which not can be seen on the pictures, is similar to the mast in the foreground, and reminds a bit to the design of cruise ships in the sixties (ex Wappen Von Hamburg now MY Mercator II).
Posted by Leveller | 06/29/2007 @ 12:00 | Reply
Some news on Sunflower : it seems that she is covered (in the dock) by plastic planes for painting.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 04/25/2007 @ 18:00 | Reply

Here is another one from Carl. Thank you very much to share with us your beautiful pictures!
Posted by Carl G. | 04/25/2007 @ 16:30 | Reply

Saint Nicolas this morning, under sea trials in Baltic.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 04/21/2007 @ 15:55 | Reply
Katie Sue I and Katie Sue II scheduled for 2009 and 2010, very interesting indeed, thank you Philipp!
Posted by Philipp | 04/21/2007 @ 15:50 | Reply
Lürssen two sisters of Linda lou! I found this one here in the web. Very interesting :
Posted by Leveller | 04/02/2007 @ 20:30 | Reply
Dilbar had a refit over the winter at Lürssen Lemwerder and left the main building shed today.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 03/02/2007 @ 18:30 | Reply
Yes Max, I agree. And the three extra metres contribute to this optimization. Note also the modification of the design around the wheelhouse and the foredeck lounge. The lines of the superstructure are inverted in comparison to those of Apoise. Thanks to that, Saint Nicolas looks more modern and less bulky.
Posted by Max881 | 03/02/2007 @ 15:20 | Reply
The new design of the portholes is a great improvement for the silhouette. It's a good idea.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 03/02/2007 @ 15:00 | Reply

Thank you Carl for the news, and one more time you share with us a beautiful picture of the yacht!
Posted by Carl G. | 03/02/2007 @ 11:15 | Reply
A scoop! The yacht Saint Nicolas (project Nemo) was launched today. Now she's moored in front of the Lürssen yard in Rendsburg.
Posted by Johan | 02/09/2007 @ 15:00 | Reply
Thanks for the clarification Paul, I took a look here and realized that Queen K has evolved from the Chateau project.

After studying the details of Firebird more closely I am willing to side with you regarding the designer. It is surely a Heywood design, with details from Carinthia VII and Amels Limited Edition series. By the way, do you know more about the Safari project (launch date, particulars, photos)?
Posted by Paul Walter | 02/09/2007 @ 14:15 | Reply
The unfinished shell was that of Queen K. It was build at the Lürssen subsidiary in Rendsburg and was completed in Bremen. Everybody thought it was the Chateau project but it turned out to be Queen M. Personally I think Chateau and Queen M are the same and its design was changed during design/construction phase but who knows.

Regarding Firebird, she looks similar to the Safari project currently under construction at B&V. My idea is that Tim Heywood is responsible for her design.
Posted by Johan | 02/09/2007 @ 13:30 | Reply
Max881, I am quite certain that Chateau was a 64 m project and Bunbun was the project name for Queen K. I remember seeing a photo of the unfinished shell of Chateau once.

About Firebird, a not so wild guess would be that Espen Oeino is the designer.
Posted by Philipp | 02/09/2007 @ 11:45 | Reply
A new project, Firebird :
Posted by Max881 | 02/05/2007 @ 11:30 | Reply
Chateau or Bunbun were the code names for Queen M.
Posted by Kootenay67 | 02/05/2007 @ 10:45 | Reply
Which Lürssen had the project name of Chateau? She was in Global Order book in 2004, 2005 and 2006 at 64m/210 ft. It is not listed in 2007 Global Order. Was it launched? On the artist rendering I have, she looks like Queen K (x-Queen M).
Posted by Yachtspotter | 01/22/2007 @ 18:10 | Reply
We all know that the successor of Kingdom 5KR should be under way somewhere in a German yard, but I'm not sure that Lürssen was chosen for the job...
Posted by Bernard | 01/22/2007 @ 18:00 | Reply
For me the 100m+ in building at Lürssen yards are Sunflower and New Kingdom 5KR.
Posted by Andy Lindy | 01/21/2007 @ 19:40 | Reply
Bounty Hunter seems to be a real name as it's already in Equasis. Lürssen project names are normally not available through Lloyds' Register Fairplay.

Isn't the 262ft Scout also a Lürssen yacht? Although similar to the 255ft Newscot I think Scout is another yacht also in progress at Lürssen.

Depending on when the "German magazines" made their counts arriving at 10 projects under construction we will be quite close. There have been three recent launches (Kismet, Linda Lou and Eos). Possibly there is another 100m+ yacht not accounted for (Sunflower being known). I don't know what this other 100m+ could be...
Posted by Leveller | 01/21/2007 @ 17:30 | Reply
The project name of Hunter is definitively Bounty Hunter. Launch will be 2008, length 60 m, building place is Lürssen Bardenfleet.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 01/21/2007 @ 16:15 | Reply
Some of them are known :
- Hunter 198ft
- Nemo 230ft
- Shark 230ft
- Newscot 255ft
- Bermuda 260ft
- Domingo 285ft
- Sunflower 508ft

I think that the other ones are in the tube but not official for the moment.
Note that Nemo should be launched in a couple of weeks!
Posted by Philipp | 01/21/2007 @ 16:00 | Reply
Lürssen has (according to German magazines) currently 10 projects under construction. Three are known (Shark, Nemo and Sunflower). The other 7 are unknown, but two of them are 100m+.
Posted by gushl | 01/19/2007 @ 11:05 | Reply
The same interior designer as Limitless. Boat International says that EOS's owner is American. However, if it were the same owner as Limitless, I guess she would be flying the Stars n Stripes (despite the complications this brings)?
Posted by Fetchez | 01/18/2007 @ 20:30 | Reply
The interior designer of Eos is François Catroux (see
Posted by Andy | 01/10/2007 @ 15:00 | Reply
In the brokerage section of BI, the sale of the 70m Shark (also sister of Marlin) is announced. Delivery in 2008.
Posted by Stefan | 01/09/2007 @ 15:00 | Reply
Any news about project Nemo (sister of Marlin)? Link :
Posted by Leveller | 12/29/2006 @ 13:30 | Reply

I was on a Christmas walk besides the Weser and tried to take some pics through the shed windows of the Lürssen floating dock to find out the feature look of the project Sunflower. I don't know if you can see something on the pic, but for me it looked like a bigger version of Octopus. The forward sundeck structure really looks the same as the one on Octopus, the same rounding...
Posted by Philipp | 12/06/2006 @ 17:50 | Reply

Take a look to my image. This is really only a bathing platform like Athena. But there is also a smaller second door on the side in the aft of the hull. Athena has there the owner stateroom.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 12/06/2006 @ 12:05 | Reply
Few details of Eos are known for the moment. But if we accept that Eos is based on the model of Athena, we can imagine that there is nothing "behind" this hatch. This is just a bathing-platform fit in the shape of the hull. You can find the same one on the other side. The design of the stern doesn't give the possibility to have a bathing-platform. It could be possible, but not easily.
Posted by Bullo | 12/06/2006 @ 12:00 | Reply
Eos is currently moored alongside Duchy Wharf Falmouth, she graciously entered the harbour about 1530hrs friday 1st December, she's lovelly. Would be interested to know what is behind the 12x6foot (appx) hatch in her starboard freeboard below the auto starboard boarding ladder...
Posted by Sue | 11/27/2006 @ 21:40 | Reply
My sources in Dartmouth, England tell me the following... Eos has a permanent crew of 21. She boasts enough luxury suites to sleep 16 guests. Her masts are each 60 metres tall.
Posted by Yachti77 | 11/18/2006 @ 22:00 | Reply
Eos is finished and left the Lürssen yard yesterday with destination England.
Posted by HMB | 11/13/2006 @ 12:10 | Reply

New pictures of Linda Lou.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 11/11/2006 @ 12:00 | Reply
Beautiful picture Shipy, thank you. It seems that the yacht was still under sea trials. She's back at the yard today.
Posted by Shipy | 11/10/2006 @ 12:00 | Reply

Eos is leaving the Lürssen yard.
Posted by Carl G. | 11/01/2006 @ 11:20 | Reply

A photo of the sea trials on 19.10.2006.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 10/19/2006 @ 22:40 | Reply
Many thanks to Frank Behling for this beautiful picture of Kismet! By the way, we have the confirmation of her name, placed on a large plate of glass in the middle of the "arch" (see picture). Another interesting detail, it seems that there is another wheel station above the wheelhouse.
Posted by Frank | 10/19/2006 @ 22:30 | Reply

Kismet has moved to the Baltic for trials today. The yacht will stay overnight in Eckernforde and come back to yard tomorrow night.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 10/11/2006 @ 09:00 | Reply
Absolutely Leveller! Remember the first rendering of this project, there was the name Kismet on the side of the yacht. Later the name was removed...
Posted by Leveller | 10/11/2006 @ 08:55 | Reply
A question on the project Falcon. Can it be that her name is now Kismet? Since some days the only yacht like call sign which appears at the Rendsburg area is ZCPS6 which is named Kismet.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/12/2006 @ 22:35 | Reply
Indeed, a beautiful design, and also a good choice of colors.
Posted by Maarten | 09/12/2006 @ 22:30 | Reply
Fantastic lines. Another picture of the beautiful yacht :
Posted by Johan | 09/12/2006 @ 16:30 | Reply
Beautiful photo! She looks absolutely stunning, she exceeds the renderings by far. There is one unusual thing about her; the glass along the bulwark on the main deck. Is it a full beam salon or is the glass paneling just for protection of the side deck? There are no drainage ports for the entire length of those windows.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/12/2006 @ 13:00 | Reply

Falcon is launched! Another scoop from Germany, and one more time it's a picture taken by Carl Groll. Thanks to him! It was taken on 09/09/06 after her launch. Now she's moored at Lürssen Krögerwerft in Rendsburg.
Posted by gushl | 08/25/2006 @ 13:25 | Reply
Eos is heading out of the river Weser, approaching the North Sea. Probbaly some further sea trails - or is it finally coming down south to play? Does anyone know when she is due to be "delivered"?
Posted by Yachtspotter | 08/25/2006 @ 13:00 | Reply
Indeed Velox, that's a real dilemma. According to some registers, the LOA is used or the LWL, or the both which is not easy to use. And it's the same shambles for motor yachts with bowsprits (Savarona, Talitha G, Haida G...). Personally I always used the LOA, and then I include the bowsprit.
Posted by Velox | 08/25/2006 @ 12:50 | Reply
This overall length question is a becoming a difficult one for Sail Yachts...
You give Eos at 92,92m but this includes bowsprit.

For exemple :
- Athena is 90m LOA spars but kind of 79,25m LOD and 60,52m LWL
- while Maltese Falcon is 88m LOA and LOD and 78,22m LWL much bigger to me!

There is more (smaller !) to come, as Holland Jachtbouw just announced the start of the build of schooner Athos ( The press release says 62m, while the Andre Hoek website had for sometime published a design in progress which, albeit very close, states LOA at 70m (262') : bowsprit not bowsprit ....?

Shall we come back at the tradition rating sailing yachts by LWL ?
Posted by Yachtspotter | 08/25/2006 @ 02:00 | Reply
Interesting details in the last BI :
- we know the official LOA of Eos, 92.92 metres. Now we can say that she's the longest sail yacht
- the launch of Falcon is still scheduled for September
Posted by Paul Walter | 08/09/2006 @ 13:30 | Reply
Eos is under seatrials today. After she had some trials on the river Weser in front of the Lürssen yard last week she is on the North Sea for the first time today.
Posted by Andy Lindy | 08/05/2006 @ 13:30 | Reply
It's possible that Rising Sun is at Lürssen for a periodical class survey involving dry-dock inspection of the hull, bottom, propellers, rudder etc. All ships have to go through that now and then.
Posted by Leveller | 08/05/2006 @ 01:20 | Reply
Much to see at Lürssen at the moment. Eos, Linda Lou at the outfitting pier in Lemwerder. Rising Sun on the Vegesack side of the river Weser under full illumination and in the floating dock which was open for a week, a giant new built, a beam of over 20 m and as high as the covered floating dock. I was busy today and arrived to late to really see what is inside, but I guess it?s the project Sunflower. It?s a speculation, but if it?s the Sunflower, the building dock in Vegesack would be empty now, maybe for Rising Sun, to do some maintenance work or for a other big new Lürssen project. Has anyone any ideas?
Posted by Leveller | 07/30/2006 @ 12:30 | Reply
Can someone confirm to me that the following projects are built :
- at Lürssen Rendsburg, Falcon, Nemo, Shark, Bermuda
- at Lürssen Bardenfleet, Hunter
- at Lürssen Vegesack, Sunflower
Posted by Leveller | 07/27/2006 @ 10:00 | Reply
The Lürssen Project Linda Lou, is now named Linda Lou and hit the water yesterday (07/26/06).
The floating dock is now totally covered, it does look permanent. The material is CGI.
Posted by Philipp | 07/21/2006 @ 09:00 | Reply

The project Eos at Lürssen yard in Bremen. Picture taken Monday.
Posted by Mark | 07/21/2006 @ 08:35 | Reply
Very interesting ? but this continuing trend of having a flush foredeck and low bridge deck to allow the maximum possible height for the sundeck, must be a nightmare for the Captains with the sight lines from the wheelhouse more or less horizontal, placing a heavy reliance on radar etc to actually see what might be coming towards you.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 07/20/2006 @ 17:00 | Reply
A surprise, I didn't imagine a profile like that. Beautiful design.
Posted by Philipp | 07/20/2006 @ 16:50 | Reply

The project Linda Lou at Lürssen yard in Bremen. Picture taken Monday.
Posted by Shipy | 07/15/2006 @ 00:10 | Reply
Linda Lou is out of the shed at Lürssen Bardenfleth.
Posted by Philipp | 07/12/2006 @ 21:20 | Reply
If Hunter is building at the Bardenfleet yard, this is the third expected 60m yacht after Oasis and Linda Lou. Bardenfleet is for the "smaller" ones with max. length of 60m.
Posted by Paul Walter | 07/12/2006 @ 19:05 | Reply
Eos is doing seatrials.
Posted by Leveller | 07/12/2006 @ 01:30 | Reply
In addition to the post of Philipp, the floating dock is at least 220 m long. In the article of Boote Exclusiv was also a top secret 140 m project mentioned. This is the project Sunflower which is in the Lürssen Vegesack shed and will be a little bit as Octopus, an explorer with many extras. Does anyone know something about a Lürssen project called Hunter? Building place I think is Lürssen Bardenfleet.
Posted by Philipp | 07/11/2006 @ 11:45 | Reply
Yes, it must be Shergar. She get a long refit starting in late 2005. By the way, Boote Exclusiv wrote a story about Lürssen, show first picture of Linda Lou and it was told that the new 200m dock get a conversion to be covered ! Blohm and Voss has covered docks too for her big projects...
Posted by Leveller | 07/11/2006 @ 00:25 | Reply
Project Eos got her three masts about 12 days ago. It's an imposing view to see her moored in Lemwerder, a giant, but from her lines absolutely beautiful. A must see for everyone in the area. Also under the background that you can sit on a park bench or at a restaurant on the other riverside and watch her as long as you wish. Also there is a small motoryacht, I think it?s the refitted Shergar.
Posted by Maarten | 07/09/2006 @ 12:30 | Reply
The design of Linda Lou has been made public. The magazines Boote Exclusive and Yacht Design both show the design of Linda Lou in their latest issues. The yacht looks to me a bit like an evolution of the Capri and Oasis design. Very nice looking vessel.
Posted by Shipy | 06/28/2006 @ 15:30 | Reply
Eos is back in the water.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 06/14/2006 @ 21:00 | Reply

Another view of Oasis with this profile.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 06/13/2006 @ 16:45 | Reply

Interesting picture of the two sisters, Oasis and Capri. Note that the mast of Oasis is taller, including the exhausts.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 05/11/2006 @ 23:15 | Reply
Oasis is at the IYCA. More pictures soon.
Posted by Maarten | 05/07/2006 @ 15:30 | Reply
Oasis in the water :
Posted by Paul Walter | 05/07/2006 @ 13:15 | Reply
It's indeed the new Lürssen which is in Barcelona. She departed Germany 10th of April and passed Gibraltar 16th April.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 05/06/2006 @ 19:35 | Reply
No idea. I know that the yacht was at MB92 since April 17, and she's supposed to have left yesterday evening...
Posted by gushl | 05/06/2006 @ 19:30 | Reply
I think the IMO number of Oasis is 1008803. Do you know the IMO of the yacht in Barcelona?
Posted by Yachtspotter | 05/06/2006 @ 12:50 | Reply

Where is Oasis? Is it possible that the yacht is already launched? It could be a surprise because nobody reported her delivery. I say that because there is a yacht named Oasis actually in the port of Barcelona. Alas I don't have her specs and I don't know if we're talking about the same yacht... I add a picture of Oasis, the only one taken by Shipy one year ago.
Posted by Merijn | 05/03/2006 @ 15:30 | Reply
New photos of Apoise (note Secret Love in the background) :
Posted by Philipp / Maarten | 05/03/2006 @ 10:55 | Reply
Some artist impressions of Lurssen's Falcon :
Posted by Philipp | 05/01/2006 @ 10:30 | Reply
Some more pictures of Apoise :
Posted by Philipp | 04/25/2006 @ 18:30 | Reply
Great pictures, many thanks. She looks realy nice. Interested to see that the first deck is completly covered. She has the same bathing-platform on the side like Athena.
Posted by Shipy | 04/25/2006 @ 10:25 | Reply

Another picture.
Posted by Shipy | 04/25/2006 @ 10:20 | Reply

I saw the yacht on the river Weser four days ago. It seems that Lürssen takes the ship out of the water.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 04/25/2006 @ 10:15 | Reply

Fantastic preview of the future schooner EOS. Many thanks to Shipy for these exclusive pictures.
Posted by Paul Walter | 04/21/2006 @ 14:00 | Reply
Coral Island left the Lürssen yard yesterday after she has been staying there for half a year. From the outside there arent any particular changes except some small modification to her mast.
Posted by Philipp | 04/20/2006 @ 12:15 | Reply
Please make some pictures for us if possible! Did she be expected in 2006?
Posted by Shipy | 04/20/2006 @ 10:00 | Reply
EOS is in the water. With a dark green hull and a white / wooden superstructure.
Posted by Maarten | 03/27/2006 @ 16:00 | Reply
The first interior photographs of this new Lurssen (scroll right) :
Posted by Leveller | 03/07/2006 @ 12:35 | Reply
The new Lürssen Oasis is in the water, towed just in front of the wetdock at the former Vulkan pier in Bremen Vegesack.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 03/07/2006 @ 12:30 | Reply
As you already know, the project Marlin is launched now. For the moment the yacht is moored in front of the yard. Her name is Apoise. The sea trials will begin at the end of the month.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 03/06/2006 @ 19:23 | Reply
I don't think so.
Posted by Philipp | 03/06/2006 @ 19:20 | Reply
I read that Athena is for charter in summer 2006. May it possible that Jim Clark is building at Lürssen Project EOS as successor of Athena?
Posted by Shipy | 02/09/2006 @ 07:50 | Reply
Queen M is in the new floating dock at the yard.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 01/18/2006 @ 01:22 | Reply
It seems that Oasis will be rented by Fraser. According to the models, we have the confirmation that she's the sister of Capri. Link :
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