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Delta Marine

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Posted by Yachtspotter | 04/04/2010 @ 10:05 | Reply
Thanks Gil, according to the order books, she's supposed to be called Silver Shalis, successor of the Abeking & Rasmussen one...
Posted by Gil | 04/04/2010 @ 10:00 | Reply

It appears that a new launch is imminent at the Delta yard. Lowered into the river probably on Friday, a stormy day. No name is visible.
Posted by Gil | 05/26/2009 @ 09:00 | Reply

Here is a photo of the latest Delta, Katya, launched into Seattle's Duwamish River sometime last week.
Posted by K. | 01/20/2009 @ 12:00 | Reply
Delta has just completed a refit of the 124' Aerie, originally launched in 2001. Aerie's new owners brought her back home to Delta this fall after a summer cruise to Alaska. She is currently docked at Delta and undergoing sea trials.
Posted by Gil | 08/03/2008 @ 13:00 | Reply

Slojo, the latest Delta, was lowered into the Duwamish River this week.
Posted by Gil | 03/31/2008 @ 15:20 | Reply
The Launch of Marama took place between the 15th and the 28th; I do not know which day.
Posted by Gil | 03/31/2008 @ 12:55 | Reply

Another image...
Posted by Yachtspotter | 03/31/2008 @ 12:50 | Reply
Thank you Gil for these first pictures. Do you have an idea of her launch date? Marama seems ready for her delivery. Her card is available in the database : http://www.yachtspotter...
Posted by Gil | 03/31/2008 @ 12:00 | Reply

Here is an image, taken yesterday afternoon, of Delta's latest launch. Her name is Marama.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 12/16/2007 @ 13:35 | Reply
Thank you Gil. No doubt, Stampede is the former Princess Gloria. The yacht was sold at the end of 2006, and she was reported near the Delta yard. It seems that her refit is finished now. The roof above the aft deck was extended, and the stern was lengthened. Her new LOA should be around 120 feet. Details about this refit are welcome !
Posted by Gil | 12/16/2007 @ 13:30 | Reply

I looked over at the Delta yard this morning to see if there was anything going on. Daedalus is still out of the water getting some work done. At the fitting out wharf is Stampede, which I have not seen before. Stampede is a stretch and rework of Princess Gloria. Since Princess Gloria was originally 105 I would expect based on the +/- 10% rule that the stretch is 12-15 feet for a new length of 117-120. Too bad about the weather/lighting, but it is December in Seattle!
Posted by Max881 | 04/15/2007 @ 18:55 | Reply
Very nice yacht! Easy to recognize the design from Espinosa. She has a family likeness with Gran Finale!
Posted by Gil | 04/15/2007 @ 12:00 | Reply

And another one...
Posted by Gil | 04/15/2007 @ 11:45 | Reply

Here are images of Mr Terrible's launch and pirouette. Delta has built another beautiful yacht - one of their best efforts. Laurel, visiting for warranty work I suppose, was berthed at a new location a few hundred meters North of the yard. The astute proprietors of Delta probably did not want her magnificent size to make the new launch appear anything less than grand.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 04/15/2007 @ 11:30 | Reply

The first pictures of Mr Terrible! Many thanks to Gil for them. The yacht was launched yesterday at Delta yard.
Posted by Anita | 04/13/2007 @ 18:00 | Reply
Hot news : Delta marine rolled out the Mr. Terrible yesterday afternoon it will be launched tomorrow on 04/14/07.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 12/17/2006 @ 16:30 | Reply
Delta didn't give us a lot of news on its website. Hopefully it seems that things are changing!
You can discover the current projects on the following cards :
- Marama :
- Mr. Terrible :
- Slojo :
Posted by Merijn | 10/08/2006 @ 11:30 | Reply
Delta has two yachts under construction :
37.64m - Marama - Summer 2007 - Exterior & Interior by Setzer Design
47.55m - Slojo - Summer 2008 - Exterior by Delta Design Group - Interior by Tim Stringer
Posted by Yachtspotter | 10/03/2006 @ 17:00 | Reply
Happy Days wasn't at the MYS. She just sailed in front of Monaco the day before the Show, and she continued her way to Italy. Any news of next Delta yacht? She should be a yacht of 47 metres, and according to BI her name is Mr. Terrible.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/09/2006 @ 20:10 | Reply
Is it possible that Happy Days is on way to Monaco for the MYS?
Posted by Gil | 06/28/2006 @ 17:30 | Reply

Happy Days, I suppose on sea trials. At the same time, Triton was out of water. She is having work done on her hull or propulsion equipment.
Posted by SD | 06/28/2006 @ 10:00 | Reply
Delta Marine launched a 164' composite MY on 6/21/06. The name is Happy Days.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 04/16/2006 @ 14:00 | Reply
Some news of Laurel thanks to a spotter near Seattle : "the yacht did indeed just deliver to her owner on the 13th, and is heading South..."
Posted by Gil | 02/02/2006 @ 10:30 | Reply

Another view...
Posted by Gary | 01/16/2006 @ 10:24 | Reply

Laurel cruising southbound in Puget Sound two days ago.
Posted by Michael | 01/15/2006 @ 19:23 | Reply
She looks nice but these small windows on the main deck, strange, perhaps the place for the galley, crew mess, crew cabins..., probably no VIP cabins, perhaps a cinema?
Posted by Yachtspotter | 01/12/2006 @ 20:05 | Reply
Thank you very much Todd for this picture, the first one of her profile. A real scoop (the second one in one week for the community!). Confirmation of her name, she's Laurel. Other pictures will follow this week-end...
Posted by Todd P. | 01/12/2006 @ 19:45 | Reply

Delta's latest launch.
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