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Sail yachts

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Posted by Bob H. | 03/03/2009 @ 19:30 | Reply
In her new paintwork, Moonbird (formerly Midnight) looks completely stunning. She stayed three nights at Marigot Bay. The paint finish is not black, it is a very dark metallic grey, a Ferrari colour called "Silverstone Grey" I believe. The topsides, superstructure and spars are all in the same colour with splashes of silver grey metallic trim as striping and on the deck cushions. Whatever nightmare that paint colour may be from a protection and maintenance point of view, of all the yachts we have had in our marina, Moonbird attracted the most attention.
Posted by Jacques | 05/09/2008 @ 20:00 | Reply
Do you know this new project? This hull is in Tarragona, Spain :
Posted by Chris | 03/17/2008 @ 18:30 | Reply
The 105' sailing yacht Apache is currently at Newport Shipyard undergoing a refit/repower during the 2008 winter storage season. Apache is still listed "for sale" and will have 2 new Northern Light generators and a Volvo Main Engine for power come spring.
Posted by Velox | 03/17/2008 @ 12:00 | Reply
Both Apache and the unfinished hull were built for charter, by an investment and "tax shelter" fund led by a french bank, under the then popular "Loi Pons". The bare hull has been lying on the hard and in the open, in St Nazaire port - the other side of the basin from the liners shipyards - for a very long time. Last time I heard about Apache she was on the hard, in Trinidad (I think). The bank is trying to close the fund but sounds to have resisted a number of offers to drop prices.
Posted by Castlerock | 03/15/2008 @ 13:30 | Reply
The sailing yacht Apache, built in France by N2A, has been for sale for a long time. I have spotted her many times, and while checking to see if she was still on the market I found a previously unknown sister ship (Panthera) and this You Tube montage about Apache :

Posted by Albert | 03/12/2008 @ 09:00 | Reply
Mari Cha IV is available for a reconversion project. Modification of the deck, the roof, the accommodation (8 guests/7 crew), sailing system assisted, etc... You can read all plans here :
Posted by Albert | 01/11/2008 @ 12:30 | Reply
Do you have some news of the Vaton 110 under contruction in the shipyard Garcia ? Thank you. To illustrate :
Posted by HMB | 01/05/2008 @ 13:15 | Reply

An amazing project!
Posted by HMB | 01/05/2008 @ 13:10 | Reply

Here is the stern of Pilar Rossi!
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/03/2007 @ 02:00 | Reply

Here is a recent picture of Pilar Rossi since her refit. Now she's a sail yacht of 64 metres. She sailed around Sardinia this summer. And in exclusivity, here are her new specifications : /...
Posted by Max881 | 08/30/2007 @ 16:10 | Reply
Her design is worthy of the most beautiful schooners. You can follow her stopovers on : http://www.argoupdates...
Posted by Yachtspotter | 08/30/2007 @ 00:10 | Reply

I had some difficulties to identify this schooner. She was too far to see her name on the stern. And finally I've found her. She's Argo, part of a fleet of school ships (Sea-mester). She was launched in Thailand one year ago. And she's designed by the famous Bill Langan. Here is a card :
And some more details :
Posted by Marian | 07/02/2007 @ 19:00 | Reply
News in English about Parsifal III :
Posted by Leveller | 07/01/2007 @ 15:30 | Reply
Bad news from the HSH Nordbank blue race : Parsifal III suffered damage to the boom and sails and has to retire from the race. She will make her way under motor to Cuxhaven, Germany (ETA 07/09/07 2200). The decision was made after a crisis conference with Marten Spars. Mainsail and mizzen are so heavily damaged that sailing on the wind is not possible any more. The news in German :
Posted by Yachtspotter | 06/29/2007 @ 13:05 | Reply
This race is the HSH Nordbank Blue Race, between Newport and Hamburg. Parsifal III is, by far, the largest sail yacht of the fleet. You can find more news and a race tacker on the official website :
Posted by Marian | 06/29/2007 @ 13:00 | Reply
Parsifal III is taking part in a transatlantic race, there are several photos here :
Posted by Marian | 12/06/2006 @ 09:00 | Reply
Mirabella Vs captain tells the story of the ARC MayDay rescue :
Posted by Marian | 12/05/2006 @ 11:00 | Reply
The crew of the now abandoned yacht are now en-route to Antigua :
Posted by Marian | 12/04/2006 @ 18:00 | Reply
An offer of assistance from Mirabella V :
Posted by Marian | 10/15/2006 @ 19:00 | Reply
We've just published the second part of the chat with Joe Vittoria. It was fascinating to learn about Bob Derecktor's role :
Posted by Marian | 10/10/2006 @ 10:00 | Reply
When we sailed on the Mirabella V, we had a long talk with her owner Joe Vittoria. The first part is now on-line :
Posted by NickW | 06/19/2006 @ 09:30 | Reply
The yacht in Amsterdam, moored alongside the Scheepvaartsmuseum, was the Mystere. She looked fantastic and very imposing. George Town registration.
Posted by Merijn | 06/16/2006 @ 00:15 | Reply
While passing Amsterdam today I saw a sailing yacht moored at the Maritime Museum of Amsterdam. The yacht had a blue hull and a silver/grey superstructure. I think she is the new Vitters Mystere. Anyone who can confirm this? Link :
Posted by Marian | 05/05/2006 @ 14:35 | Reply
We have a few more pix of Lulworth ; interior and some very old pix of her sailing :
Posted by Marian | 05/03/2006 @ 16:30 | Reply
The 1920 gaff rigged superyacht Lulworth has been launched. The operation was very complicated, due to lack of sufficient depth at Viareggio. Full story here :
Posted by Marian | 03/09/2006 @ 12:00 | Reply
Shenandoah rescues fisherman :
Posted by Tristan | 02/20/2006 @ 12:00 | Reply
Has Maltese Falcon been launched yet? Where is she? Any Pics?
Posted by Christo303 | 02/14/2006 @ 12:10 | Reply
Actually Johan, she was already available for charter in the summer of 2005 from YCO ; together with the new Queen M which they also have on their books.
Posted by Johan | 02/13/2006 @ 20:10 | Reply
Athena will begin to charter this summer, more at
Posted by MW | 01/27/2006 @ 19:20 | Reply
The new Blubay 100 ft. catamaran is nearing completion at Compositeworks. No name yet.
Posted by Merijn | 01/21/2006 @ 13:35 | Reply
The latest yacht from Holland Jachtbouw, Skylge, is on her way to the Caribbean. Press release and picture at :
Posted by Yachtspotter | 01/19/2006 @ 19:02 | Reply
An interesting new project, Xamura 40. She's under construction in Antalaya, Turkey.
Link :
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