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Monaco Yacht Show 2007

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Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/29/2007 @ 15:05 | Reply
Thanks Johan, don't worry it's not a sacrifice! About Sanssouci Star, she had a round stern. It was changed during a refit, but I don't remember when. Note the roof above the aft deck is still round. Another detail about Sanssouci Star, her bow was also modified few years after her launch. The fore part of the hull was cut and changed!
Posted by Johan | 09/29/2007 @ 14:50 | Reply
Nice photos indeed! ...and thanks for sacrificing some night's sleep to post them for us. About Sanssouci Star, has her stern been modified? She used to have a round stern, but the photo indicates that she has a flat transom.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/27/2007 @ 15:05 | Reply

...followed by the two largest yachts of the show, Boadicea and Alfa Nero, and the immaculate MITseaAH.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/27/2007 @ 15:00 | Reply

Here are the yachts on the former north digue. There were Cassiopeia, Sealyon, Alta, Melina'C, Geanelle, Princess Iolanthe, Antares, Emerald Star, GiVi, and Deja Too...
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/27/2007 @ 14:35 | Reply

To continue the visit, here are the yachts on the small pier between the Quai des Etats-Unis and the former north digue. There were Basma, Gaja, and the sail yachts Far & Wide, Y3K.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/27/2007 @ 14:30 | Reply

Here is a general view of this area, I assume it's not easy to understand for those who never saw a MYS.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/27/2007 @ 13:45 | Reply

Some yachts were also moored stern-to on the other side of the floating pier. There were StarShip, Seven Sins, and My Space. You can also remark the stern of Gran Pez on the left of My Space.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/27/2007 @ 13:35 | Reply

There was also a new floating pier, in the middle of the harbour, between the T-jetty and the floating pier in parallel of it. There were Waverunner, Centium, Streamline, and Gran Pez (moored alongside behind, not visible on the picture).
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/27/2007 @ 13:30 | Reply

Here are the yachts on the small pier, next to the T-jetty. From the left to the right, we have Gladius, The Snapper, Fansea, Framura, and Miss Michelle.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/27/2007 @ 02:30 | Reply

...followed by Ocean Victory, Salvaje, Tribu, Sai Ram, Fleurtje, and Wind.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/27/2007 @ 02:05 | Reply

...followed by Galactica, Kokomo, Como, and No Escape...
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/27/2007 @ 02:00 | Reply

Here are the yachts on the Quai des Etats-Unis. From the left to the right, we have Julie Marie, Hamilton II, Firouzeh, Her Honor, Paraiso, Sensation, and Northern Light...
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/27/2007 @ 01:30 | Reply

...followed by (from left to right) Alibi, Noble House, Ellix Too, and the beautiful Cyclos III.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/27/2007 @ 01:05 | Reply

...followed by Ramses, Marco Polo, Sarafsa, and Lady Anne PB (a double surprise!)...
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/27/2007 @ 01:00 | Reply

Here are the yachts on the temporary floating pier (in parallel to the T-jetty). From the right to the left, we have Tethys, Christianne B, Tooth Fairy, Visione, Georgia, and Indefensible...
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/27/2007 @ 00:35 | Reply

...followed by O'Ptasia (a surprise!), Katharina, Aquamarina, 4H, Malibu, Blue Scorpion, Selene, and Andale.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/27/2007 @ 00:30 | Reply

Here are the yachts on the T-jetty. From the left to the right, you have St. Jean, Lady Michelle, Bacchus, Seaflower, Felicita West, Aviva II, and Magna Grecia...
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/26/2007 @ 23:30 | Reply

Inside the Port Hercule, it was interesting to notice that the new north basin was fully used for the yachts not displayed to the Show. Lady Moura was moored alongside the contre-digue, on the left of the picture.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/26/2007 @ 23:00 | Reply

Another surprise was to see Sanssouci Star. She's sailed a lot since her recent sale. She left the Baltic sea at the beginning of the Spring for a long cruise in the Med. It may be her first appearance on the French Riviera, personally it's the first time that I see her.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/26/2007 @ 20:05 | Reply

And there were some real good surprises in these "visitors". The biggest surprise was Al Yamamah, owned by the Saudi Royal Family (initially supposed to be a yacht for Saddam Hussein). It's certainly her first visit on the French Riviera. You can find her card here :
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/26/2007 @ 19:25 | Reply

As you can see, the "show" was also off Monaco. Every year, many yachts are anchored off the harbour, approximately 40 to 50 yachts. Consequently there was a real ballet of tenders in the Port Hercule.
Posted by Yachtspotter | 09/26/2007 @ 19:20 | Reply

I will give a little summary about the Monaco Yacht Show. Many other websites gave you the usual pictures of the show, so I will try to report something different...
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